Work visa for Venezuelan citizen

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My name is Pauline and I am looking for information with regards to work visas for non-EU citizens.

My boyfriend is looking to move to Germany (or any other EU country) with me (I am a German national), and we were wondering
1) how difficult it is to find a job that meets the annual minimum salary of 49,000
2) whether there is any way to circumvent that (I heard about the possibility of a guarantee by a German national?)
3) and how difficult it is to then actually get the work visa

Any help would be greatly appreciated! German authorities are not helpful at all.

Thanks so much in advance.

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Sounds difficult because employers need to show that they could not find a qualified EU citizen to fill a job before they will be allowed to bring in a non-EU foreigner. This is a lot of paperwork and trouble. It probably only comes in question for highly skilled jobs like in the IT or advanced engineering sectors. But such jobs should be well paid if one can get them.

The more German one speaks the better. The likelihood of one getting such a job without a degree and a great working resume in an elite sector is very unlikely.

I have heard of sponsorship for students on a study visa but not sure it is even possible for a working visa. And then they would scrutinize your income that you could actually afford to support him and yourself. If you actually marry, then it is easier of course. If you aren't to the point in your relationship to honestly consider this, then one questions your commitment to take financial responsibility to sponsor someone even if allowed.

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