Please help me to understand which could be a good salary offer

Hi all!
I am from Argentina, living in Italy and hopefully moving soon to Norway. In that sense, I would really appreciate it if you could help me to understand which could be a good salary offer, as the job is in the Arctic area of Norway, performed under unfavorable conditions (let´s say outside, and in the countryside, 2 hours away from the closest city), for an engineer with an MBA with more or less 5 years of experience.

Thank you a lot!

Hi Paula and welcome to :)

I have created a new thread with your post on the Norway forum so as to encourage members to answer your questions. ;)

To know more about Norway, feel free to have a look at the Living in Norway guide.



Hi Paula

The salary market has sunk in Norway; The good times, when a BA/MBA/MSc could get over a million NOK to perform a simple job are gone.
However, depending on the industry where you are going to work the salaries varies greatly.
For an engineer with 5-10 years experience holding a Msc..the salary might between 600 000-750 000 NOK per year
Good luck

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