About moving in france

Hello,my name is Rahman & I'm from Bangladesh.last nine years I'm in South doing here my own I decide to move France because of situation of South Africa are not safe for us.but I don't have any job offer to apply visa for residents in France.if someone assist me I will be grateful...

Hi Raselrahman116,

Welcome on board  :)

I suggest you read the Living in France guide so that to gather a maximum infos.

If you don't speak french, it will be difficult to get a job.

All the best,

Thanks Bhavna to reply me.but you know Bhavna long time I'm in South Africa so know only local language & English.crime rate of South Africa are getting these days it's difficult to stay here.that is why I decide to move Europe but it is not so easy.

Perhaps looking for a country where they speak english would be easier for you?

Just to make it easier...I don,t know. Wherever you go in Europe may not be particulary easy, but if you have a previous knowledge of the language spoken it will reduce your difficulties.

Sorry about not being able to help you about France. I am brand new in France, in 10 days.

Good luck

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