Which is the suitable City ?

Hello All

My name is Mohamed
I'm really very interesting in moving to Australia ...but actually I have a family wife with 2 kids
actually i am asking you do you think it's worth it to immigrate to Australia ?
knowing that I am an architect ....while  my immigrate consultant advised that I can find a job opportunity...but I doubt!
My kids still young but actually they are MUSLIM kids ! you think it's easy for them to live there

and if it's OK ....which is the most suitable city for Muslim people ?!


I like your post, its nice someone realises there are many difficulties moving to a new country, most people seem to think another country cant survive without them!

There are Muslims in Australia and some cities will have muslim areas, there are muslim schools as well.  The real problems will be if you can get a job, I would sign up to some job sites and see whether anything at all would be suitable for you.  Australia has many people who are jobless already and things are getting worse, not sure of your particular trade.  There are also areas where you would not be so welcome and Australian companies will give jobs to Australians before foreigners.

Check the visa rules yourself as you are correct not to believe an agent, they will tell you anything just to get your money off you - if you can find a company to sponsor you then you wont even need to have an agent.  The job will be your main decision as without it you will not get a visa or have financial support.

Remember even if everything does go great your family may be so homesick that they will find it very hard to settle - new home, new schools and new environments are all very difficult to get used too.

Maybe go on a holiday yourself first and see how you feel about the place, go to some companies and see what the facts are and then you can make a good decision.  No-one can really tell you as it all depends on your qualifications and if any company wants to hire you.  Good luck anyway

Thanks Googley2 for your reply ...but which cities have a big Muslims communities ?

It doesnt matter which city has a big community, your missing the point.  You cannot remake the life you have now in Australia, there are so many different aspects to living in a different country and to settle in properly you have to take part in the community of your new country.  It doesnt sound like you are really ready to leave your own home to restart elsewhere, you are settled where you are but you wont be settled in Australia for a few years at least, if even then.  Many people leave as they find it too difficult to settle and I have a feeling you will probably fall into that group.  Have you even been on a holiday to visit and get a feel for the place?

actually I lived many times out of my country ....I know well that home sickness will not my problem at all
what i am looking for it's a stable life just to raise my children ...and work hard .

Given that the 2 largest cities are Sydney and Melbourne, that is also where the largest Muslims communities are located.

thanks for your reply )

Mohamed ,

My name is Amr , i am having exactly the same feelings. I am engineer and i live in uae and i should be taking the decision to go to australia very soon.

Give me your contact details if you want to discuss further.


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