ummm I need air soft gun please

I need I airsoft gun

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In which part of the Kingdom are you looking to buy the air soft gun please?


Hi. I'm also interested in buying an airsoft gun in Jeddah. If anyone knows of a place please go let me know.

I have it

i'm interested too but i dont think there's a store who sells this kind of toy for the big boys...hehehe. actually i'm an airsoft player in my country, kinda missing this game. i heard here in riyadh they only play paintball.  hoping airsoft games will be allowed here. inshallah

You are wrong.
There is

ok you are right hahaha! :D

Dear its not wrong and right.
It's just kind of if you like that I give you a good news to make you happy.
That's is
By the way i am sorry if I reply by bad tune.

hehehe no problem my friend, just kiddin'..inform me also if you found airsoft shop. i love that sport so much and i really miss playing..

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