New member from Holland

Hi all,

I am new here and just arrived in MU as well.

Looking for friends to make this an enjoyable stay. I am a student from Holland and I am a 21 yrs old male.

Feel free to contact me or ask questions.



Hello and welcome to Daan :cheers:

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Welcome Daan Mauritius is just a bit more hilly than Holland , but the beer is good

I miss my favourite Belgium Beers already. Haha.

The avarage Dutch beer is disgusting. So I am not missing that for sure! Food here is much better than in Holland as well, but there is more available in Holland though.

you must pay a visit to Flying Dodo they make some good beers

Hi Daan,

My name is Nathalie and I live in the North. I'm French/Dutch and have been living in Mauritius for 3 years now. If ever you need guidance on something, don't hesitate !


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