Hello from a Man Friday in Kardzhali region


My name is David my partner Annie and I live full time in Bulgaria in the Kardzhali region, we moved here permanently in 2009. We have 8 rescue cats, 2 dogs from the UK, 10 ducks and 2 chickens :-)

We love meeting new people and making new friends so please especially if you live in the Kardzhali area drop us a line and say hello :-)

All the best

Dave and Annie

hey there, what do you guys do so far out?

Hi live full time in karjali. I'm italian(half greek), lived in Italy, uk(little while), greece and now Bulgaria. I have no pets apart a mantis I feed with insect attacking my thousand plants, taking all space available.

Not sure but if you own a ex old school we may already know each other

no, no, i dont own any schools…;-)

but how do you make a living there? you got a farm?

I was talking to handyman.
I'm just fine, untill now I was living out of my savings but I'm running a small business with positive oucomes till now. Obviously out of big cities,to find a job as employee not speaking fluently bulgarian is very hard. Therefore you should be crafty and build your own business.

…LOL, well, excuuuuuuuuuuse me!

It was just to make it clear my comment about the school was adressed to the OP. Take it easy.

whatever, dude. take a chill pill.


Thanks for the "hello" you are probably thinking of hippy Dave, thats not me we have a much smaller school near Zvezdel :-).....Good to hear from you though mate maybe we can meet up for a drink sometime

Handyman Dave

Nice area, I went around there a couple of times this summer. The old mines. Austra, Ralitsa etc. I was surprise, beside the distance, how quickly you get to Kardjali.
I'm just after the bridge to voudrousdentzi kardjali. When you are in town let me know, we may have a coffe. Cheers

Hello, Have a apt in Kardjahli by the city hall and am planning on retireing with my wife ( she is from there have freinds and family ) in about 5 years go there about every year glad to here there are other epats there . sould get some phone #s for next year when I am there

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