US citizen denied entry in Recife for overstay fine

I've been reading other posts and am currently in a nightmare situation.
I'm a US citizen and I was denied entry last night at the airport in Recife. I have an outstanding multa and before I got on my flight, I went to the Brazilian consulate here in Madrid to verify that I could pay my fine on arrival. The consulate told me that I could NOT pay my fine at the consulate and the only way to pay is either to land in Brazil or send money to someone trustworthy who can pay it in the country.
I took my chances and flew to Recife from Lisbon. I landed at 9pm and was sent back on the same flight because the Policia Federal wouldn't let me stay overnight to pay my fine the next morning. I just found out that all the Banco do Brasil are on strike throughout the country until next week. I had no means to contact any one and was not allowed to borrow a cell to call anyone. Ispeak fluent Portuguese and I tried to be polite and non-dramatic (maybe I should have been!!) but I was still denied entry.
For the Olympics, US citizens did not require a visa until the 18 of Sept. 2016. I arrived two days before this expired because I am not sure that the visa I was issued last year is still valid.
I understand that my US passport means reciprocal treatment in Brazil and that my overstay is my problem.

However, I am still trying to go back to Brazil. I know US citizens have the reciprocal 10 year tourist visas, but is that automatic or is the validity of the visa still under the discretion of the consulate?

My VITUR visa only says

My visa was issued in Cape Town last year. I've tried contacting them, but no response as of yet and I am going to the consulate here in Madrid on Monday.

Frustrating to Still be stuck at the airport for the weekend in Madrid and to not be able to do anything until Monday. I don't think the consulate here will be much help since I have already gone to them and they didn't provide assistance.

I understand I have a US passport and they will treat me as if I were a Brazilian applying for a US visa. Has anyone applied for a visa with an outstanding multa?

Thanks everyone!

Unless your  visa says valid for 10 years then it was probably only valid for 90. Do you have a South African Visa or a US visa?

jland912 :

Unless your  visa says valid for 10 years then it was probably only valid for 90. Do you have a South African Visa or a US visa?


Yep, a 90 day visa.

Sounds like a simple misunderstanding caused the problem.
The same goes for being refused entry, the OP should check properly in advance before booking a flight.

The cure is to check the terms for payment, make sure the banks are open, double check it can be paid at the airport on arrival, and make sure he isn't blacklisted for any reason.

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