Moroccan looking for friends in Marrakesh

Hello everyone   :cheers:
I'm  looking for friends, English native speakers,  in Marrakesh to hung out and have a chat. I'm a senior MA student majoring in English Advanced Studies, and having English natives would help me a lot.
I also would like to know if there are any gatherings, events for the expat community in Marrakesh .
Enjoy your weekend everyone  :)

I would be very happy to be your friend and practice English together.

hi ikram

Hi Ikram,

I hope this finds you well. I am a native English-speaker living in Marrakesh and happy to meet you. I am free most evenings and weekends but check first as I have a busy schedule. Re: meeting other English-speaking people, you could try the Inter-Nations group, they meet monthly or join the British Business Group but the annual membership is 1000dhs.

'Speak' soon, inshallah.

Best wishes


Hello - I am a canadian guy looking to move to Marrakech, English is indeed my main language so if you are looking to practice, let me know. I could use some practice on my Arabic/ French :-)

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