Renew US passport from Belize

We are considering moving to Belize.  We are concerned that we would have to fly back to the US to renew our passport.  Does anyone know if/how we can renew US passport via mail from Belize?

US passports can be renewed at the US embassy in Belmopan, Belize. Here is a link to their site with fees and requirements.

When renewing foreign passports, it is important to remember to request your old passport back. Immigration in Belize often wants to review previously issued stamps and documentation.

Thanks for the info.

it is always better to ask a question of the actual original agency, stuff like this you go to the embassy.

I did this recently. Super simple, and they never even took my old passport. They just did the hole puncher thing when I went in to get my new one. You just have to make an appointment online. Do follow their instructions, though. Security is super duper tight there, so you need to have all the right stuff to get in.

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