Automotive business in Bulgaria

I was looking so much for helping me in some of the information that I found this site that do not hide from you I have visited Bulgaria twice in 2015 and 2016 and as especially Varna and I am very impressed with and its people and I decided to work and live by
I am a Lebanese national resident in the Gulf and became close to retirement
I would like to create a company or institution in car buying, selling and renting trade
I want one to help me in this area by giving me advice Is this the kind of good work in Bulgaria ?
Can I make a private company in my name and whether I can that I do personally in the registry, or do I need help, such as an office or a lawyer ?
How much is the cost of the company's registration and expected duration ?
Do I get a residence permit when registering the company and how much time do we need to wait for a residence permit?
What kind of visa that I am asking for from the Bulgarian embassy in my country? Is it a tourist or business and how to obtain a visa for a long time
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I wish to respond and thank you

Hi Francedenn,

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Have you visited this website : ?

There are informations about the legal framework and visa.

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