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I sold all my assets in America and came to Spain to get acquainted with my family here in Madrid and it seems like I'm going to have to leave beacause I just cant find decent work. Its like there are so many people here working for less than nothing that it leaves little opportunity for someone who wants to start a new life here. Well", after much thought I've decided to research other countries here in Europe and Malta definitely caught my attention! I have EU Citizenship so I can travel with my passport and Spanish NI card. I would really appreciate it if anyone could give me futher advice before I go. I've made up my mind but I just want to be prepared as much as possible. If there's any further personal information you need about me it's in (about myself) section when I signed up for this forum.

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What is your line of work? You may find the job situation similar here- very low wages and people working for peanuts. Your best bet would be to be self employed as many expats/foreigners are.

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Im a Barbrer / TESOL teacher but I'm willing to work in anything new to get on my feet again. I still have money saved so I'm not starving but it has to be better in Malta than it is here in Spain.

Do you have any ideas on what kind of small business is good to look into??

Anything you want to do really- you're fluent in Spanish and English so right there you could tutor/advise Spanish students who have a lang barrier/ take Spanish tourists on tours/ work from home as a barber... :)

Doing a CELTA course would open some doors for you. The course you did in Madrid seems to be a more basic one which won't get you very far. With a CELTA qualification you would be able to teach pretty much all year round rather than just during peak season and the pay should be better. I'm sure one of the various TEFL teachers on here will chime in with their views on this sooner or later.

Here's a helpful thread for you: … 17#3337749

I have friends here that took the Celta course and they're doing no better than anybody that took the tetl course". It's all the same here in Spain is just a bad place to try to find a job. No I left but there still a lot of prejudice here towards against Americans or anybody who speaks English.

I don't know if having a CELTA qualification makes any difference in Spain but I know that in Malta it does.

lambada :

I don't know if having a CELTA qualification makes any difference in Spain but I know that in Malta it does.

I second that (I have a CELTA myself, and it's easier to find a permanent teaching job, plus the pay is better), but still - you won't get rich in the EFL business... I've written more details in that thread lambada has linked to above.

Apart from that, you might find something in i-gaming here in Malta, as you speak both Spanish and English...

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