Marrying in Nigeria

Hi everyone,

I met a girl on line, we figured out that we are quite compatible and have decided to marry. She is working in Abuja and her father is in Kano. His father has asked me to come to Nigeria to marry her daughter. So I am planning to come there in near future.

I plan to stay for a while in Nigeria after marriage and want to get job there. I am currently working in mobile apps and games industry as a project manager & ASO expert. Any advice how should I go about this. What type of Visa should i apply or can get easily?

Your advice is much appreciated.

Dr. Rizz Jonah.

Well I have been to NIGERIA for the past two years as an expatriate.i got a business visa first as I was only on strategic planning of businesses but later I applied for a working permit which I got easy but expensive. So you better get an agent to sort you out but WATCH OUT THERE ARE LOTS OF CROOKS AS WELL. So getting married I have no advice its your call . I just wish you all the best!

Thanks Kenny for your reply and good wishes. How to figure out the crooks if you have any tips.


Well one cannot tell but I have learnt that Nigerians are focused and hard working people. But the level of deceiving and betrayal are very high as well.. So my best advice would be to take your time to know everything and everybody around there, get to some rough patches and see what you gonna get unlike rushing in and regret later. ONLY FOOLS RUSH IN ! Life in Nigeria is tough eutrophism is high... People do anything to survive even promising you a beautiful girl just to suck your hard earned cash and all sorts of nasty like I mentioned ITS UP TO YOU!


Getting married in Nigerian Women , Himmmmmm  ?????   All the best  I don't want to express my feeling, I live here 5 years I could understand very little about the Nigerian girls
you have to be V.V.V.V.V. Care full prior to execute your wish
As Kenny said  level of deceiving and betrayal are very high  I found in many case of expat who married to a Nigerian Girl 
may be you may get  very good life partner over here , but one thing Nigerian girls are very pretty and that is danger too

any have all the best Dr

Thanks a lot KITTAPPA for your advice. I would be careful.

Hi there.just read your post and advice you have been give.well i would like to say this.first of all there are both bad and good people will be unfair to pin this to Nigeria alone.i am not saying all that were said are not true but not in all cases advice to you is to be sure before coming.i wish you all the best.

Mr.Kittapa(hope i got your name right,pls forgive if i didnt)i happen to have read your advice to dr.Jonah and i noticed that u used about 5 v and i take that to mean very before u added care.this in my thinking means that you have had some not so good experiences with nigerian women.i wont mind you sharing your experience.share please will you?thank you.

Thanks cherieG for your advice as well. Yes true good and bad are everywhere. Just curious are you a man or woman?

u are welcome.i am a woman.

There are good and bad people everywhere in the world ..She might end up being a good / decent girl , who knows .. Best of luck and remember to share with us how it all went .Cheers !!

Dear Drriz,

I've read all the comments and advices given but my take is that even living the Life that  is freely given by God is a Risk. Like you said that you felt/figured that you both are compatible, what I will said is that, first find a timeout with her by coming to Nigeria on just visit trip, tried to spend time with Her first before you decides to marry or not. On your decision to work here in Nigeria is "good" bcos of your profession, it is somehow scarce in Nigeria. But in all I will advice that you survey first before taking your final decision both on the Girl and the Work....(A bird at hand is far better and reliable than  million birds in the bush).

Thanks a lot booboolove and segxy01 for your valuable advice and time. I would surely consider it and share with you guys what happened to me if I am not dead hahaha :)

Hahahaha😂 :lol: ,

You have nothing to fear..... Nigerians are very accommodating people.... you can hola me when the time comes cos I'm also living in the Federal Capital City....
Good luck! :top:

Hey Pal,
I read ur post. I'm new here, bt I can tell u this, I have met a lot of Foreigners and I will tell them the truth no matter what, 65% of Nigerian women are not sincere with themselves, they can't trust their own self. 1st and foremost, if the lady in quote is between the age of 19-25, well trust me, I'm not trying to discourage u, I don't think she truly wants to settle down, and if she does, she prob would still want that affluent lifestyle... Bt if she's between the age of 26-32 then I believe she might be ready to settle down and be that house wife. In all, even when u meet her, u need to be sure she's working, and the best way to know if she's truly ready for u, is for u to play the men game, don't shower her with too much gOodies, don't introduce to much of that affluent life style to her, even if u can afford it, keep it hidden for as long as u want to, because marriage is a lifetime institution.  Even if she's not working, she must have a dream, I believe if u ask her what she wants , she would be able to tell you some certain things... In all jst keep everything into God's hands.  He won't mislead u. Stay blessed. If u need any assistance when you are here let me know... Stay Blessed. Bt don't disclose your worth to any1.

Deep. really hit the truth spot big ups and enough said!!

Hello Mr. Dee Simon, (sorry if I'm wrong)

I am compelled to view your profile bcos of your comment on this issue. Although I'm not   a marriage expat or counselor and I stand to be corrected, that NO lady or Women can be successfully analysed when it comes to Emotional events, No matter the Nationality or Age. As you said in ur profile that your married and with children, I will like to ask that of what signal did you see b4 you got married or you want to tell me that It's the day you saw Her, it's immediately you determine you are marrying her?
My Point is "No Innocents anywhere" but the joining of a 1000 miles always start with one step and it is better to start in truth and sincerity not minding the opposite side. It is better to come clean from the first day and if eventually it does work at the end, you will br confident enough to say that you did your best.
And one more thing, Be yourself no matter what; bcos whatever will be your own will never pass you by and also "You never need to remember what you said whenever You Said the Truth".

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