apply wife visa from Philippines to come to riyadh

my wife is Filipina and we have marriage certificate I want to send for her to live with me using wife visa , but I can't find any agency to process it .
all agency say only they process work visa ,
can anyone help us or know how we can finish it and its requirements

you can bring your wife on Visit Visa for 3 months and then extension to other 3 months.

* your passport + Iqama

* your wife ID and passport ( Copy )

* marriage certificate Legalized

* rent contract ( you have a house )

* salary should be more than ( 4000 ) and above

then through MOI you can get Family Visa.

you should ask your employer he should support you with this Procedures the  agencies will cost you money to bring your wife through them.

hope that would help.

ya thanks a lot but I want to send her permanent visa wife so she comes to me in Saudi and lives together not just a visit and she back again after it period end , Saudi embassy required licensed agency to process it , so do u know agency do it
and how much it cost

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