Newbe planning to move to Belgium, need info

Hi everybody, I'am a filipina married with belgian currently living in Philippines but planning to move in Belgium. I joined here so i can have an idea on how is to live in a European country, i know cost of living is high so i hope i can find a job if we settle down. Then we wanted to have our daughter to have a better education which for sure there is. Then i wanted to have an idea on how much to rent a small flat. I know its not easy but we have to take a risk/ challenge

Hope you are well.
jobs will not be too difficult considering that you won't be picky with the job description, some people I know here work as baby sitter and house cleaner as a start. getting a job depends on the language also as required here in Belgium you must have at least 1 European language to get around working. now for apartment cost, it also depends on the area, if you want to stay within Brussels, 14hundred euro you can already get a nice and huge apartment this is the amount my work colleague is currently paying. If its outside Brussels then I know a friend whos paying 600 euro per month and the place is good for 3 people.

If you want some more info, Pinay's  who relocated to Belgium created a facebook page wherein you can ask questions and they can provide you with answers based on their experiences. just PM me if you wish to join the group.
Thanks and good luck :)

Thank you very much s very informative message, its giving me courage. I have my facebook accnt Tilkin Liberty Patena.

You do NOT need a national language to live or work in Belgium, completely untrue, it all depends on your skillset.
You can find a 2 bed apartment in Brussels in a very nice area from 800 euro per month, look on to confirm.

Thank you currylover for your reply. So far i received possitive answer to my inquiry about jobs, but rent is expensive. Maybe i can still find a bit cheaper than 800, i hope so. Thank you it means so much to me.

You can also try to find subtenancy which is legal in Belgium. Subtenancy is possible when people (tenant) leave their flat for a 6 months or longer, and want to cover rental costs trying to keep the flat till the day when they will return. It can even be cheaper then original price


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