Bringing pets to Thailand

We are planning to retire in Krabi.  We have a dog (medium size Labrador Retreiver - 25 kg) we will bring with us.  Does anyone have experience bringing a dog to Thailand and can advise us on some things to do and to not do???

We bought a 18 lb. dog to Thailand 3 years ago. At the time United Airlines was the only Carrier that would allow pets.  They don't make it easy. Dog must have all shots & written letter by the vet that the dog is healthy.  I would suggest that you arrive after midnight at the Thai Airport to avoid having to go though quartine with your pet. Be warned Thailand is not a dog friendly country. We don't take ours for walks any longer because of flea's & ticks everywhere. He lives in are condo, but it is against condo rules to have a animal so we sneek him in & out of the building for grooming & vet visits. Good Luck to you.  Patrick

I brought my 125lb. Yellow Lab from U.S. & have had no problems (Thai is very dog friendly, don't listen to that guy from Calif. doesn't know anything ). First get a Vet. That is qualified by USDA (if coming from US)Second he will do all shots etc. needed (my dog only needed one additional shot).. Third & most important go to your doctor & explain that you are relocating to Thailand & need a letter stating that your dog is a service dog (helps with your mood swings & just can't imagine living without your dog-say stuff that fits you etc.)Fourth- go to & purchase a service dog vest $19.95 GUESS WHAT YOUR DOG WILL FLY FOR FREE & you will be first one on plane! I flew Hanian Airlines & they cleared out a whole row of seats for us. Was going to put in kennel in belly of plane for a cost of $7,000 US dollars (so many companies that fly you pets & rip you off) .. Try my way it's cheaper & better!! All Airlines are different but Doctors letter is KEY, you have to call airlines 48 hrs. in advance to let them know you will be traveling with service dog. Your dog will love Krabi..

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