Scammer email missshaniajawara[at]

Hi everyone this is to alert everyone of a scammer who is supposed to be a US Soldier in Iraq as part of the UN , She claims to have $510 million which she has given to a Red Cross agent sand asks you for your details so  the Agent can give this money to you but she asks for your personal details her name according to Her is Sgt Mercy Francis so guys be careful ok . first she requests you to be a contact then asks you to email her that is when she gives you this story ,

Apart from you getting his/her email address wrong, you're correct in that this is used by a very active spammer/scammer.

Such people are usually pretty obvious because their stories are so rubbish, but did she contact you via this forum and, if so, what is the username?

Hi everyone,

@ Deca2015,

In case this member is on the website, can you please report her profile or the private message you received ?

Thank you in advance,

Hi She has dissapeared off the radar on this site at least for the time being she may try again under a different name once the dust settles

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