Moving from Texas to Cancun

hello, my husband and i are currently living in Texas. We are planning on moving to cancun mid November 2016. i have never been there and have no family there. He has family there and has been there plenty of times. considering i don't have any more job vacation days available, i cannot go visit cancun. We are moving for personal reasons. I would just like to know how the life is over there. Pros and Cons. Where i could meet Americans that are my age. We are 25 and we rarely go out anymore because our jobs have sucked our life. We both speak fluent English and Spanish. Also what's a nice area to live? and what job should i look into over there?

It will take some getting used to, but I believe you will love it here! The people are wonderful, the cost of living is low and it is truly one of the most beautiful places on the planet!! When you get down here, message me and we can maybe get together.
I am currently learning Spanish (using apps I found for my Ipad, some are free others cost some money). I believe it is important to at least be able to have a conversation. We expect foreigners in the US to learn English, so I believe it is only right to learn the language of the place I now call home.
Since you are young, you will have no problem finding friends. We have found many of our friends in church. The rest are neighbors and just folks we have met along the way. I wish you the best!

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