international student in maldives

he guys

i need information regarding being an international student in maldives, i recently contacted the maldives business school regarding admission procedures for an international student but they havent  responded yet, not knowing if they will. are there many international students in maldives and do the schools there use english as their medium of instruction. concerning the housing are the houses equipped with wifi if i decide to rent a room/studio apartment. and how is the general life in terms of going out at night and catching fun like clubbing etc.



Hi Abby
As for students i am mot to sure however Maldives is very beautiful country it has nothing to offer after school nor over the weekends.
I am sure you are aware it is a Muslim country and they are very strict about the alchol except for one hotel at the airport and then on the resorts but both are crazy expensive.
There are very good parties that gets organies by the resorts every Thursday evenings only so yeah if you look for noght life there are non other than what i mentioned....but there are always ways to have fun in a different way and let the hair loose every Thursday evening...

Hope this help...

thanx dear

sill having trouble applying over there though

Hi Abby,

Read and Good. You are going to coming as scholarship? or applied to study here? which stream. I hope you know the background of Maldives. If you need any help regarding your studies Can help before you come. I work here in accounting and auditing professional firm.


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