Looking to connect with other Brits

Hi I have just signed up. I came to Canada in 1999. We have done well for ourselves we are in our late forties my hubby and I. We were hit hard by the recession as my hubby is an oil and gas worker, things are slowly getting back on track. After all this time trying to mingle and make Freinds in Canada has been challenging. Our sense of humour has been modified until it is barely recognize able. We wanted to try a new culture and avoid becoming part of an English group with no Canadian Freinds. I realize now that having Freinds who are from our own culture would probably be much easier. I am not looking for freind ships based on bashing Canadians, though a little ,Might be fun.... Lol. Looking to find the joy in living in Canada again, new Freinds would be welcome. I am a northerner and my hubby, though he lived abroad a lot during his formative years, his father was a royal marine . Nick is a former soldier tanker transport division, British military. Who lived in the southern part of England Poole Dorset to be precise... I look forward to hearing from anyone out there😬

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