Moving From Greece to Malta.

Hi guys,

Hope I post that topic in the right category.
Lately I am seeking for a job in Malta. I'm an IT guy (Web Developer). I'm 24 years old and my name is Konstantinos.
I have some concerns and I hope some of you can help me out.

Money, money is always a problem. I had a job offer from a company which provides me around 25,000 euros per year which is almost 1,600 euros per month. I am wondering if I can have a descent life with that amount of money. I have been searching for apartments  for the last two weeks in some websites I found online. The price range is between 400 to 600 euros per month for a small apartment in the town with view. I want to have a good view for my apartment. But what are the other monthly expenses during a month ? I mean electricity, water, internet, cell phone. I know that all of these depend on how much do you use them but let's say an average.

The company is located in Valletta. If I rent a place in Floriana of St.Julian's how much time will it take to go to my work with a bus I guess. And how will the bus tickets cost me daily ?

Supposing I work in Valletta can you please share an opinion of where is best to live ?

Also I am a little bit concerned because I have read many topics where people complain about noise, weather and landlords. I can handle noise and weather but what about landlords ? Shall I be prepared to face any problems with them ? If yes, what kind and what should I do ?

I think that I don't need a working visa or something like that because I am an EU citizen. Correct me if I am wrong.

Please share your opinion-advice with me. It will be very much appreciated.

Thank a lot,

kwstasarva :

I have been searching for apartments  for the last two weeks in some websites I found online. The price range is between 400 to 600 euros per month for a small apartment in the town with view. I want to have a good view for my apartment.


I wont get a chance to go into more details in response to your post, however I could not leave the quoted part without commenting.  Apartment with view at that price does not seem possible as at the moment it is very difficult to find decent places within this price range full stop.
Please do not trust prices/listings on the estate agent's websites as these haven't been updated for years. Your better options to see the real situation would be FB groups like Aparments to Let Malta & etc.

Good Luck!

This was the last thing I would want to hear.. but since this is the situation, can you recommend me any other place to look? Will I be having the same problem here ? In the apartments posted on this website?

Thanks for you time :)

As mentioned in my comment, try Facebook groups, they are update daily/hourly

Thank you a lot :) be well!

Hi Konstantinos,

Welcome! I'll try to answer some of your questions:

Apartment: As Tinna9 has already said, the websites of the agencies are all out of date and apartments advertised there are not available - or the prices are way too low. Facebook groups are better (just search for accommodation in Malta, rent in Malta... - there are many), but you still need to be lucky to find something there. Generally, it is advisable to come here for 2 weeks, stay in a holiday rental, and search for a flat once you're here. Many agents won't even reply if you're not actually in Malta, and apart from that, DON'T (!!!!!) settle for anything before you've actually seen it! (We saw an apartment that looked nice on the internet, when we viewed it we wanted to run out again right away - mould, dirt, much smaller than advertised...).
An apartment with a view... well, it depends on how you define a view. We have a seaview balcony here in Mellieha (far away from Valletta), we pay about 550 incl. bills, but the apartment is old, and only ok in summer (in winter it's too cold, as the windows don't close properly).
Utilities, etc. We pay about 50 EUR / month for water and electricity (we're a family of 4), and 30 for internet and mobile phone (combined).

Work permit or visa: You don't need any, you're from the EU.

As far as your other questions (noise, weather, best place to live) are concerned, I would definitely advise you to come here - even just for a few days - because different people find different things acceptable!


Hello Bernie,

Thanks a lot for the information! I found it very useful. I will try to stay in a hotel for about two weeks but this will cost me a fortune I guess.

Anyway thank you again :)

25k isn't a bad salary for a 24 year old with no dependants. It shouldn't take  you too long to get an increment in your line of work if you're good at what you do. Until then I suggest you share an apartment with one or two people to save some money. There are plenty of towns within a short bus ride of Valletta where you can base yourself. Try Msida or Pieta. For the first couple of weeks you can find a room on airbnb instead of a hotel.

You guys are awesome! Thank you a lot. I may start looking at sharing a flat as well. Thank you again :)

Hello Konstantinos! You can seriously consider to share a flat in the beginning.
Since you will be alone , the salary is just fine.
Besides that, there are tons of opportunities in the island for your profession.You can easily find later on, a job position more profitable.
If you need more specific  information, don't hesitate to reach me.

Best regards,

Hi! Have very similar questions but I don't have a job yet! Looking for work and accommodation as we speak.
How are the transport links from Mellieha? I used to live there as a child but returning now as an adult and i am really out of touch! For example, if I live in Mellieha and work in Valletta is it a nightmare to get there?
I currently live in London and I am sure nowhere is as bad as commuting here!
Also your monthly utility bills seem very low! This is a very good thing, guess the isn't anything like council tax to take into account?

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