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My boyfriend and I are moving to Greece in summer next year. He is originally from Greece, Corinth to be precisely. We are planning on buying property in Corinth and of course also get a job there.

The question now is: What do we have to consider for our project? What is better: to search for a nice property on our own or to consult a real-estate agent?

Obviously there are plenty oft things you need to think of when buying property in Greece. I found a website on this topic where you already get a lot of tips on the topic, but there is one sentence I don't understand: "Once the suitable property has been found and purchase price and payment conditions have been agreed with the seller, the buyer has to hire a lawyer to conduct a title search with the land-registry that is competent for the area the property is located in" (source: … lden-visa/ ). What does that mean "conduct a title search"? Can anybody help me with that or tell me about his/her experience with buying a property in Greece?

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Hello,just seen this post of yours.As your boyfriend is Greek I guess the buying will be easier for you and he would know the pitfalls,and they can be many when buying,but this is obviously a great time to buy as prices are real low,we built a country house near to Corinth and when in Loutraki we just have a peep in the front windows of the property agents,bargains can be found.Your boyfriend will know that this is one of the biggest earthquake areas in Greece so your buy or your money must not end up in a pile of rubble on the ground.My husband recently sold a flat in Athens so we know whats going on and we built.New property laws are coming for 2017,a buyer must produce property identification papers and energy papers which will cost them 1.000 euro.Title search means your lawyer must find out from the local council who has the title,title being ownership,your lawyer looks at the ownership papers,whos name is on it,previous names,that paper has to show how your seller got it..passed from father,mother etc.. or bought,bought from whom,must show whom and where whom got it,right down the line.Only some of greece has been put on the land registry,they never finished it,I dont think Corinth was added,so in the absence of a land registry things can get dodgy,the paprs cant just say Mr Papadopouloo owns this,where did he get it from,perhaps these papers are false and someone else owns it and they may turn up one day and you will faint.You must remember this is the land of corruption,not because Greeks are more corrupt than other people but because  its easier here to be so.You know, my husbands buyers used only a symvolio grapho,like a solicitor to do everything and only a lawyer at the completion day,lawyers eat money,double that of symvolio so careful.Dont be put off,all will be fine as long as you have your symvolio in place and dont buy something without columns,after  every earthquake the building regulations were upgraded,its tempting to buy those lovely old houses but earthquakes dont treat them well.Your Symvolio will tell you what papers they want from your sellers legal people,follow what your symvolio grapho tells you to do.I hope this has helped you and dont hesitate if you need any more help.Aso agents will require a fee,however they do have lots on their books,so its depends on your budget,I guess going to agents is less stress than going round your self,have a look at Chrissi Efcairia on line for Corinthos,private sellers in a paper.You will pay a 3% transfer fee,3% of purchase price,transfer of in other words.

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thank you very much for that long and helpful answer! It's really nice how more experienced people in that area give you advices in this forum.

Thanks again and take care!

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