Need current info for spousal residency

Hi Everyone. This is my first post in this forum.

My wife, a Brasilian citizen, and I are planning to move to Vila Velha the middle of next month, October. This will be my first time in Brasil. I am a 62 year old U.S. citizen.

I am overwhelmed by the volume of posts here on the subject and on other sites, including embassy sites, and what appear to be changing rules to become a permanent resident.

So, my question is, can I go to Brasil on a 90-day tourist visa and gain residency from there or must I do something in advance? If it can be done in Brasil, what documents must we bring with us? We are currently living in Panama.

If there is a current post(s) in this forum on the subject, I would be most grateful if you could direct me to it/them.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi there you can come here for 90 days, But you can also get an extension, for another 90,days
if you came to brazil with all the right documents and take the to the federal police, and they  process them, then from that day onwards you are granted a permeant visa, its at quick now

Go here.

Thank you, Pete. But what are the required documents? I understand that they have changed, particularly in terms of the requirements for legalization (apostille), they being relaxed to some extent now.

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Go to PF website to get the latest list.  Also see

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