Egyptian ID Card - Please Help!!!

Hey everyone! Has anybody applied for an Egyptian ID card recently? It has been almost two years since the last post here about this subject and things always change in Egypt.

I was born in the UK to Egyptian parents and have a new Egyptian birth certificate. I would quite like to go through the formalities of getting an ID card next time I visit Egypt, but I do not know where to go or what documents I need. Does anybody know what counts as proof of address? Do I need some kind of proof of employment? Does any of this stuff need to be put through the embassy here and have pretty ribbons attached to it before I go to Egypt with it?

Truly grateful for any help or advice!

It's not too bad as long as you have EgyptIan birth certificate. You will need your qualifications and proof of employment only if that's what u want on your ID card as your occupation. You have to get these verified at the Egyptian consulate first where they will stamp and to confirm they are original. You mat need to translate your documents but u can do that here once they have been validated by the consulate. It may sound a bit overwhelming but it can be sorted within 2 weeks... A bit tedious I guess but handy. You would need to go the place that issues the ids in abbassya Cairo. . Very known place but make sure u have your documents and a copy of your parents id could be handy too. If you need any more advice will be happy to help.
Yours naeema

Thanks Na3eema! Do you know if qualifications and employment details actually mandatory? Navigating the Egyptian consulate here can be quite time consuming...

It is because your Id card had to state ur occupation unless u are employed in Egypt where u can just get proof from the place u work for here.

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