Emtel - Steer clear of them

Following on from my Emtel Saga.

Following the removal of my Air box and replacement with a 4G modem I have complained more or less every day either by phone or email and have been at your offices 20 times over the last 2 months.
Whilst I am paying for 20mbps I am typically receiving less than 5 mbps.

Despite my many complaints, there has been no serious attempt by Emtel  to fix the problem. In fact when they do attempt to fix the problem they do make it worse. As if this was not bad enough, they continue to  double bill me for both the airbox they have removed and the new modem they have installed. I spent 30 mins in the showroom today whilst the lady looked up her computer, went away to consult someone and agreed that YES they were double billing me and would refund me the outstanding $100 I am not holding my breath.

Whilst the staff in the shop are very pleasant, it appears they have no ability to solve the problem, in short I am paying quite a lot of money for a service I do not receive and am wasting a vast amount of my time trying to get your staff to fix the problem, I  understand from the Emtel offices that I am one of many who have complaints with their service

They do not honour their advertising or their contracts.

I had the same experience.
First with my Blackberry Services when I was forced to do a sim swap. The money was subtracted from my airtime, but the service was not available. It took them almost 3 weeks to solve this, and also after several phone calls to the call center and visits at the show room.
Secondly, I bought a new phone, and although I explicitly said they should cancel my BB services, they never did. So for 4 months they kept subtracting the BB service fee from my airtime. My first query only ended in the people in the show room looking at the monitor and said that they could not see any services registered to my phone number, and thus can't say where the money went. Only after my second complain about my money "disappearing" did the lady at the call center manage to get the technicians to look on the server to see what was going on.  I was refunded part of my money...

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