Grocery expenses in Sao Paulo for a family of 5?


I am considering a job offer in Sao Paulo. My wife and my three children would be moving with me. My kids are 5, 5 and 8. I am trying to calculate our living expenses there. From your experience how much would I need for grocery expenses per month? I know it varies from family to family but I would like to hear from people with family living there how much you spend on groceries?


Hello Xavfran,
I´m sorry I can´t give you an estimate for a family of 5 but just to give you an idea me and my husband spend around R$600 to R$800 (US$ 250 aprox) a month on groceries only. São Paulo is an expensive city so you are on the right track by calculating everything before you come. Health insurance is also very expensive in Brazil. Hope that helps! Good luck. :)

Yes and without extra. I spend more in Fortaleza. We are 5 too.
With 3 children, highest cost will be education, especially if billingual school. If your husband got an expat contrat, I hope for you it is included.

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