Dealing with homesickness in Saudi Arabia

Hello everyone,

Being an expat in Saudi Arabia can turn out to be a wonderful human, social or professional adventure... with potential moments of nostalgia and homesickness along the way.

What are your personal tips to prevent homesickness?

How do you deal with such feelings?

Are there shops or stores offering products from your home country in Saudi Arabia? Or maybe venues with music and ambiance from your homeland?

Thanks for sharing your experience,


Okay I know you post these to every country and only change the name, but seriously " Or maybe venues with music and ambiance from your homeland? "

there are not even movie theaters available to the general public. If those are banned why on Earth would you believe there are music venues here that people could go to.

I would feel less homesick if I didn't have to be segregated by gender and covered when ever I left compound or if I could drive to run an errand or take my kids to school.

Its so easy in Saudi Arabiato avoid home sickeness too :
Like attending national day celebrations at embassy parties
2) Just enter into to Embassy premises ... enjoy with freedom lunch or dinner or coffee with your close friends..
3) Hyper Markets are always open... good restaurants
4) Stay alone in a 5 star hotel and get enjoyed ladies swimming pool..... No letter required or guardian, direct way to check in hotel......Kempinski hotel is best.......
5) City outside tour.... with tour operators
6) Jeddah and AlKhobar quite entertainment place....
7.) Exhibitions are open for Gents and ladies.....

For further more assistance then mail me.....

Best regards,,

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Hi Guys, usually homesickness happens when you return form vacation. Most of the time, when we return from vacation, our bank balance will be in critical level where we are waiting for the next salary. So in this situation, diverting mind to sports and window shopping will be an ideal cost effect. I usually concentrate on my gym more and also try to burn more calories that I have consumed during vacation.

It is quite an interesting question.
Feeling homesick can be easily resolved with making new friends whether from your own homeland or not. The fact of talking about and sharing your country's traditions, culture, food and customs would make this feeling much less. Funny enough, and from my own personal experience it makes you like and admire things you already have and do much more, you know looking at old things in a new way.


Thanks for your post.

Saudi Arabia is indeed a very different market specially for women.

More over other than eastern region where things are a bit light homesickness for non workers is at its peak.

to over come such issues first one needs to understand environment I mean culture and regulations.

Secondly avenues where you can come out and relax.

There are several avenues/places/outlets where one can feel much better based on his/her location.

I can identify locations based on residing locations e.g Jeddah, Makkah etc

More over there are several outlets delivering products to your j=home address including products of native country.


Home sickness was always present when I first arrived here. However, after living in KSA for 3 decades and more I feel more homesick for Saudi Arabia when I travel outside and even to my own home country now. Its a matter of settling down in one location that creates the longing for that place when one is away.

I was 31 when I first set foot in KSA. I have now spent more years than that here. This place is more home for me and my family than any other place on earth. The girls and the grand kids grew up here since their infancy/birth. They simply adore this land.

If one is not happy Homesickness will take over.
No matter where ever you are.
There is a famous saying :   Home is where you're Happy !
It's simple as that. ..


Im too looking for such kind of ramedy if any one get pls do let me know...

are you talking about Riyadh?

Dealing with home sickness,

Hello all, Hope all are doing well.

Dealing with the Nostalgia or home sickness is a big task for expats, every where.

Here especially in Saudi arabia,  the geography may be much different from the home countries of many expats,  like Indians , Filipinos etc,
especially i am from Kerala, India,

I miss my homeland, the rivers there, the sand there , rainy seasons there, some special seasonal dishes only available there and each and everything in our home country s typical for every expat,

For me , my family is with me  right now, my wife  & kid are  with me in Saudi for the last 5 years.

bringing our family that is our wife/husband  and children is very important which will reduce the nostalgia a little bit.

but still we will miss every thing in our area .

You can wtach Television channels particular to your areas, which will recude some home sickness

Also we have to go out with our friends/family every weekend (Friday or Saturday )to reduce the nostalgia.

also we should go every year vacation for minimum 30 days, which will also reduce our home sickness , on the feeling that  we can visit our beloved homeland within a span of maximum 12 months.

as far for me, since i am a Keralite, i have Kerala market here in Sharafiya, where every thing will be available ,except father and mother. ( :) )

When i walk through the Kerala market, i feel like i am in my home country at least for a few minutes.

But for Pakistanis, or  Filipinos you have to find pakistani /  Filipino markets, to get the items special to your taste.

but if we spend more years in a particular place like Jeddah Riyadh ,Dammam etc,  definitely it  will reduce your home sickness and you will feel the place like your homeland to some extent.

about where in Riyadh are you located?
We are on Our u a facing Kingdom Tower.

I have found a solution to these problem by enrolling myself in various activities , i have taken a paid membership of Internations - which is an expat community  and they have plenty of activities like '
Badmington , Hiking , Dinner meeting and  Bollywood nights . Internations is an excellent platform to meet other Expats and increase your friends circle .

Give more details about Internations Member ship to apply....

Thanks for raising the subject of Home Sickness in Saudi Arabia.
I am here for last 6 years almost, 2 years Bachelor and 4 years married.
When you are single its quite manageable, as you have company of many singles with different intrest and hobbies.
You can be friends with your alike ( Like i use to debate with one guy most of the time on sects in Islam)
But when u get married the life gets tougher and tougher with time.
Now we are parenting two little kids, but still time at home is bit frustrating.
Here are few tips.
1. Play with your kids as much as u can give them a lot of time.
2. Its very important to live in a locality where u have people of your social circle and culture.
3. Look out to befriend with people, sply during prayers in local masjid.
4. After few interactions you may pick few of your interest, call one by one for tea.
5. let your families as well befriend and be in touch.
6. Make a group of like minded neighbors, meet twice or thrice a week.
7. Have common dinner turn by turn.
8. Go out together for shopping, park or BBQ.
9. Arrange video conference calls to your old forgotten  relatives and friends.
10. Discuss with your wife, your memorable moments of past and future plans.
11. Help you wife in house hold works, cooking, cleaning etc.
12. Go for a dinner once or twice a month.
Waiting for others too to share
good Luck

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I am too seeking the solution of homesickness........ I'll be thankful for anybody's suggestions...
I think making new friends, chatting, playing games,movies,enjoying work... are the better way to reduce it.


1. I usually go for umra when get time
2. I also like to visit nearest states like Dubai, Bahrain, and Qatar
3. I go for desert safari sometimes
4. I go for bar b q  with colleagues and friends
5. I talk to my family and friends back in the home country almost daily

Its a good question. Here in Jubail social activities seem to have fallen flat. I'm here on my own. I can't begin to imagine how frustrated my wife and daughter would get on the compound here. Me, its ok. I like my work, and colleagues. But then I have always been good at spending time alone. Not that I don't like people, I think other people are great. But maybe it's just me..

In saudia Arabia, you miss your home if you don't have family here so try to stay your family with you secondly you can make a friend circle like a social guy always busy and your friends are your family , thirdly you can make a routine like visit mosque , watch TV for your programmes etc.

Hello dear! Firstly home sickness is due to stay away from your family so in my opinion you must stay your family with you is first tip where second one is to increase your social circle like you can have good friend like me, it a humour I mean to say increase social diameter and last or third one is to busy your self with TV for your favourite programmes.

Hello dear! Firstly home sickness is due to stay away from your family so in my opinion you must stay your family with you is first tip where second one is to increase your social circle like you can have good friend like me, it a humour I mean to say increase social diameter and last or third one is to busy your self with TV for your favourite programmes. :D

Hello. I think you first need to understand me.

I was months old.. My parents went off skiing. Left me with my grandparents..

But usually, growing up, my parents sent me away, I was happy.

This means. I dont really understand homesickness.

In fact - I dont really know where home was anyway


It's truly a  significant question to answer! I would like to thank the masterminds this.
       Well, for me it is nothing but hanging out with my 'jackson cmg  bass guitar'  as well as composing songs(one of my friends helps me out with the lyrics) and recording/mixing those songs down.
Would like to know how others expats usually deal with this.

Thanks again,
Najmul Huda

Been here for almost 2 years now and home sickness happened only during this past Ramadan. The last week prior to going for vacation really Dragged. Its the longest week ave ever known am still trying to decipher what really went wrong
Keeping contact with other Kenyans does it for me, enjoying Kenyan dishes together and dancing to Kenyan music
Creating a network of friends goes a long way. That way you get invited whenever there's social stuff going on and that kinda compensates whatever you're missing
Calling home. The world wide web has shrunk the world in leaps and bounds, made communication almost free. Just making a video call home and talking the night away with parents, children and any neighbours who pay them visits lol
Am doing masters so it takes my mind away from other stuff too

Always go to mosque to pray... it will help in shaa Allah

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Home sickness is a big challenge in Riyadh. Following tips can be adopted:

1. Gym
2. Walk/BBQ in Wadi Hanifa (Near Dariya)
3. Join Expat group for hiking/music/dance etc.
4. Meet with people from different nationalities

Dr. Waqar

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Dear Priscilla,
         Thanks for your message and for the intriguing topic like "dealing with homesickness."
Homesickness is a complex situation where a person has to deal with a new place without his/her near and dear ones. If a person is single then he/she will miss his/her parents, siblings and friends back home. If he/she is married and forced to live alone without spouse then one more addition to the problem, particularly missing one's kids. However, one to keep on moving despite hurdles and obstacles.

A few tips from me for the people who are struggling to balance career and personal life and suffering and dealing with homesickness.

1)    To prevent & combat negative & depressing thoughts & feelings one must be fully occupied, I mean 24 hours a day.

2)    Constantly be in touch with people back home. Either you are working or communicating through social network like Facebook, Google  , WhatsApp, IMO, Line or email, but that must be healthy and fruitful and not brain draining.

3)    Here in Saudi Arabia, since the life is comfortable and sedentary, people tend to become lazy and inactive, particularly office going people, so one must try to wakeup atleast ½ hour before the regular time and make time for walking, jogging, yoga, deep breathing to feel active, light and energetic throughout the day.

4)    Initially it will be real hard for you to wake up early in the morning as you have been habituated for long to waking up in helter-skelter and having a bath and leave for work with or without breakfast.

5)    Never skip breakfast, otherwise you will feel less energetic and inactive before lunch.

6)    Never go to bed unless and until you feel sleepy and drowsy.

7)    Do shavasana (corpse pose) before sleep.

8)    Take atleast 6 to 8 hours of quality sleep; please remember quantity is not important.

9)    Being a counsellor and health educator, I find peace in alleviating pain of near & dear ones in particular and whoever asks for help in general. My motive is to acquaint people about harmful as well as beneficial food, living habits and consumable products.

10)    I promote organic products in general and DXN products in particular. I make people aware of dangers of hybrid products and discourage them from their use.

Anyone can contact me for further guidance.

Thanks & regards,


Thanks for asking good question
I have best tips may be some people will disagree with me but this is best solution of homesickness
1. Call one time in one week as daily talk mean you will think all the day about your home and family.
2. When you call at home, make a less duration call like 10 minutes instead of hours.
3. Make new friends
4. Attend community gatherings
5. Go at least one time in week for shopping and on entertainment places

hi how you doing
hop evry thing don will
about the hom sickns
theres many resons for that
the mean is  gap times
the medicen alwyas try to full your gap yimes with sport or reading or to jion the saudian life

thancks alot
with the complement of

Good Day!

Here are my few tips in overcoming homesickness
1.Accept the situation you're in.
- It starts with a mindset ,once you have accepted that you are away from home ,It will unload your worries and problems.
2.Get Excited with your new environment and explore your surroundings,Sooner and later you'll begin to like it.
3.Meet new friends.
4.Learn the local language
5.Go to malls and supermarkets.Be curious on all the products and see what you have not seen on your own country.
6.Start a hobby (ex.sports and recreational activities.
7.Join an organization (ex. sports enthusiasts)
8.Strengthen your Spirituality (Join a group of your same faith)
9.Stay connected with your families and friends through social media
10.Avoid being Alone,it leads to loneliness and depression.
11.Get Busy,Just do something,You"ll forget time.Time flies so fast that you'll forget you're even homesick.
12.Lastly Smile,As they say"Smile and  the world will smile back at you"

Post your reply If I can be of great help for some of your specific homesickness problems.

Best Regards,

Hai, My Guide To dealing with Home sickness,
1) Make Friends with Nice people Frm Your home country and Also people who are liberal and out going.
2) Plan activities Togather At least once in a month.
3) Talk to Family members at home. E.g. Set up a Family whats Up Group and keep posted on happenings at home. Discuss issues and Ask for guidance and opinions if needed. Best way to discuss wt Family members.
4) Dont think abt Work once You are home. Do something Tht makes U happy, like watch Tv any shows that helps you Relax Or go to the Gym wt friends Or even for a swim.
5) Have get togathers Wt friends like a house party and movie evening and a chat abt fashion, places for travel and girls stuffs too. Enjoy some crazy Jokes and Laughter To keep you from feeling Home sick.
I hope these Few things might help you to overcome Homesickness in Saudi Arabia. Just Chill and Have the right community to hang out with, its not that bad afterall.

i invite u to go to the desert and try something diff

Yes I invite you to come in egypt here okay?

i am saudi.. i really don't know more of these things. it's good to understand others feeling and deal with it

If your VISA ,Ready ,
and your educational certificate to be attested  by ministry of education and
then translated to Arabic  followed by attested by Saudi Embassy completed and you received free  ticket from your agent & Medical fitness completed,
You can board plane and arrive at S.Arabia.

Sometime it took three months to get First salary so arrange personal expense of 600 Rial per month say 1800 Saudi Rials s + add 500-1000 trial for IQAMA or Work Permit. So one to exchange local currency to Rial  at  home  country  and be ready for at least 3000 Rials before entry to Saudi Arabia..

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