Dealing with homesickness in Rwanda

Hello everyone,

Being an expat in Rwanda can turn out to be a wonderful human, social or professional adventure... with potential moments of nostalgia and homesickness along the way.

What are your personal tips to prevent homesickness?

How do you deal with such feelings?

Are there shops or stores offering products from your home country in Rwanda? Or maybe venues with music and ambiance from your homeland?

Thanks for sharing your experience,


Deqr Priscilla? Are you presently in Rwanda?


Hello Uwase :cheers:

Priscilla is a team member of and is not in Rwanda. She has launched this topic to gather testimonies which may be helpful to other members feeling homesick being an expat in Rwanda.


Morning Guys

Homesickness is very normal.At one time I had the same experience when i first came to South Africa.It is worse mostly when i had  limited activities.

I had to get myself busy by engaging myself in Community programs on weekends.It was fun
that, the "homesickness"  gradually became less and less by day.However the experience  goes differently with every individual,though.

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