Dealing with homesickness in Morocco

Hello everyone,

Being an expat in Morocco can turn out to be a wonderful human, social or professional adventure... with potential moments of nostalgia and homesickness along the way.

What are your personal tips to prevent homesickness?

How do you deal with such feelings?

Are there shops or stores offering products from your home country in Morocco? Or maybe venues with music and ambiance from your homeland?

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Hi Priscilla  :cheers:
It depends on the city you're based in. If you are living in cities like casablanca, rabat , Marrakesh, tangiers, there definitely is places, clubs etc to hung out in  ,or you can visit old medinas like in Fez , or Marrakesh ... there's so much to do especially in Marrakesh city should give it a try. Marrakesh is a cosmopolitan   and  vibrant  city  .There are  people from so many different nationalities who, live in the city either for work or for  tourism, and who managed to fit in so easily because the city has so many things and places to discover. ..
Hope this helped  :)
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I'm currently living in Tetouan and there is not a big presence of tourists or foreign people here, so it is easy to become homesick. I find that going to the grocery store, Marjane, to help sometimes. It's a place that reminds me of stores back in the US. I also keep in touch with my family on Whatsapp and have started a blog to share my experiences with the public. Making an effort to smile at people and bond in small ways with locals helps you to feel more at home as well.



I think it's important to remember that homesickness is a normal feeling even when you're otherwise happy being an expat.  I've lived in Rabat for almost three years and still get homesick from time to time.  It's particularly difficult because I don't know very many English speaking people. 

What I do to combat homesickness is to stay in close contact with family and friends over whatsapp and the internet.  Also I read US news sites to stay up to date with what's going on in the US and my home city.  I also try to stay busy so I don't dwell on sad thoughts of missing family and friends.

Homesickness is a natural thing. We definitely miss the places we have been at & we got used to. The way I look at it, is to make the best of where you are. Just smile more often and life will smile back at you. We are citizens of the world after all and we can be happy if we live the moment wherever we are!

it is essential to mix and speak with English speaking cultured people. This reinforces our true identity and bring s reassurance.

Well said @mozartbailey I agree      :top:

Being home sick is one of the fundamental human emotions. We are so accustomed to our existing environment that any deviation from that known to unknown can be a trying phenomena. How do we deal with homesickness? It could depend on many variables. People who are solitary in any new environment suffer the most. People with other people with them, i.e., wife, husband etc, have a support they can rely on. 
But if we are in a situation either way that we feel homesick, we should get involved as much as we can in local life and environment. Look at life from an adventure point of view rather that a chore.
I have lived in many countries either as a single person or accompanied with others.  The feelings and emotion can be the similar. What I have learnt as a lay person and as a psychologist is this. Look at anything that you do as an adventure and find the excitement in all you do. Get involved in local activities and cultural learning. Try to learn the language of your new home and embrace the traditional local customs. Enjoy all the little things available to you and don’t look for the spectacular. Take the first step to make friends with people. You will be surprised how rich your life will become.  And above all be positive. Good luck.

thank you Lynn

what do you do there.

Welcome  :proud

Me ?...I am not there at moment but hope to be soon. I have a moroccan husband. My fear is mainly the climate in summer months. I'm hoping I will be able to cope with that. 😐 😊

Hi I am well thanks,  the answer for homesickness is very technical, I will suggest that you have a good time and relax , go to sauna and spa.  Keep your mind occupied with new friends and go clubbing.
I hope this will may do the trick.   Nice to know you. keep in touch  send your e-mail and communicate more.  All the best.   Dr Mir

I travel quite a lot and am not "home" very much. I'm really not sure what home means anymore other than the house my mom lives in back home (where I haven't lived since age 18.) I do get homesick from time to time though. I like to go eat really horrible junk food from the USA! :) For example, here in Tangier, there is a McDonald's and a KFC. Since I have not yet felt homesick, I've only been here just over 3 months, I have not "needed" to eat those things yet. I also reached out to other expat groups and language exchange groups. We meet up for a coffee/tea every Friday and often go out after. Everyone is very kind and supportive. I think that making a few closer expat or local friends is helpful as well.

Keeping in contact with friends and family at home is great too. WhatsApp and Facebook have been great for feeling connected to everyone.

There wont be any homesickness if you are in such amazing country. Moroccans are very friendly with expats and it just needs a conversation to get along. Once you find a close group of friends, you wont miss home, infact, you will miss Morocco when you reach home.

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