Dealing with homesickness in Kuwait

Hello everyone,

Being an expat in Kuwait can turn out to be a wonderful human, social or professional adventure... with potential moments of nostalgia and homesickness along the way.

What are your personal tips to prevent homesickness?

How do you deal with such feelings?

Are there shops or stores offering products from your home country in Kuwait? Or maybe venues with music and ambiance from your homeland?

Thanks for sharing your experience,


Do whatever u want but the fact is that one can't get rid of the bitter feeling of loneliness, away from all warm family nearness.

What my personal experience  is to engage with some activities when ever possible. It may be some physical activities such as fitness session, take part in sport, walking , engage in Toastmaster club etc...

Yes Guy's true homesick and boring life in Kuwait,,but u can go out hang up with the friends do what ever u want but limited.

Its a very difficult question to answer.with me i keep engage my self in reading,walking and watching tv but still that bitter does not to be sowallowed easily.home is home a sweet match.i wish u all to keep in ctc with your loved ones back home

Lucky for you, least you get spare time to do things for yourself, I am trap within walls with no friends in reality here, I'm all by myself and always thinking about how adorable home is. To me I only engage my head into stuffs I used to do back at home. Sometimes I cry but that's the only way to ease myself and also helps to get my head in the game. Home sweeth home.

Obviously move out for shoping,mall sea side or try to meet new friends watch movie

Be brave and dont cry it will not change any thing but put u under depression.engage yr self in healthy activities and try to make friends inorder to overcome the pathatic situtions.spare some time to read books and make them your friends and sèe the change.wish u good luck.

Good point

Hi Pricilla. To share my tips I will say being in Kuwait can be as fun an being at home. We can make home right here if we want to and save the energy we waste thinking hard about home. E.g. sites like this will help us meet new people plan activities have fun . Go to Church if you were going to Church at home. Home is home I agree but if you focus your mind only on missing home then you will be out here but in a cetch.  Lets Make use of the opurtunity we've got to be out here to know new people learn from deferent calcutres why not  languages.  Be happy were ever you are.

And your happiness will bring nation's together and build one big family of happy people.

Its tremendous amount of pressure to handle to Overcomethat feeling.... But you have to overcome by making yourself little busy doing things what you love so easy that its.

Hello Everyone,
I agree with MImi Mankah  It is our decision to move to other country away from home for what ever be the reason . it may our ambition , or following some dream or wants to wealthy or may be even a question of survival. so now mind set play the key role if our happiness depend upon material things difficult to be with peace , one has to enjoy each & every moments , I know its little bit difficult , but of course not impossible.

well this one definitely depends on what you prefer to do.

People who prefer being indoor, you wont miss much. the tv show options are the same, gaming is still the same and so is watching youtube for exercise /yoga/ cooking up some new recipes for yourself.

For people outdoor the options are many and the price involved also ranges between what you want to do, Aqua park (~4kwd)  entertainment city (~3.5) swimming pool complex (~1-2 kwd) jet skiing (20 kwd for 30 mins) walking in malls (FREEE) bowling (3.5 kwd a game) scientific center (~3.5 per option)  star gazing at Mutla, boat cruise (20kwd i think, awesome if you have a gang and rent out the whole boat) failaka island (price not sure) and if you got a gang try MILSIM at shaab , there are diving and water activity groups who arrange trips if you are interested.

Now if it so happens that you have no friends in kuwait, try to connect with your work colleagues (preferably the ones who you don't report to). If you still cant connect and are looking for options to meet people then joining the toastmasters club is a brilliant idea. Mainly because the club is to meet socialize and network with people.

If you happen to be a person who likes to do things alone/couple, visiting coffee shops and special eateries is one of my personal favorite things to do. Places to try:

1) Tim Hortons ( the bestest Ice Cap in the world -no flavor needed)
2) Karak Tea
3) Cocoa Room ( Chocolate overload, be early or wait an hour)-only open till 11:30AM
4) Thakkar at Salmiya block 10/ Udupi Vegetarian cuisine
5) Slider Station ( best sliders in kuwait)
6) Walking/jogging along the gulf road
7) Food @ Souk Mubarakiya  / Freej Sweleh
8) Salmiya has a lot of joints for indian, pakistani, lebanese, iranian, thai cuisine which are fun to experiment with
9) Visit Arabella & Bidaa Street
10) Play Pokemon Go and discover kuwait (obv be careful)
11) Salmiya Center / Old Salmiya Souk lots of small joints

Anymore food options needed let me know :)

Also Mark from 248am ( posts about weekend activities and covers almost all realms. So have fun with that list too. There is IMPROV Comedy Night This Weekend! on thursday at crowne plaza ( KWD 7.5)

just discovered this website. my wife and I moved here from China (where I taught in international school). It is kind of a shock here - students are more difficult and job is more stressful. But food is much better and the locals are kind and speak some English.  We are going to Internations event this evening.

Question - are there any coed zumba classes where one doesn't have to spend 500 KD + for yearly membership??

Looking to get an arabic tutor 1x a week. any recommendations.

In Hawalli district.

Hello everyone.
Very important point about HOMESICKNESS.  I know it is very hard to be away from your family, friends and tradition.
I prefer to share this saying: { Make from a LEMON a SWEET JUICE }.
You preferred to live in Kuwait for many reasons, Maybe financial, or jobs opportunities or, or ...  This  is your GOAL and Target.  Keep focused.
Just remember that you are in a Muslim country with Arabian tradition. In Religions and/or traditions there is no good or bad religion or tradition, it is just different than yours.
My advise for all expat is to approach with open mind and heart the Muslim Community and you will be surprised how friendly they are. This is one of the ways how you can manage your stress and life there.
My experience as a Muslim in USA, I truly enjoy spending my spare time as a volunteer at The Salvation Army Shelter, which is a Church. I also participate with the Synagogue in every Christmas to serve a decent meals to the homeless in the city.
I hate to be alone or useless.
I hope my experience will be helpful to you.
Good luck to you all.


I totally understand your feeling, It's not easy to make friends in Kuwait. But here are some tips: try to engage in activities and meetups, attend exhibitions, events .. etc. to make friends it's the only way.

You can PM guys if you would like me to send you if any event pops up soon. I'm thinking of making a Whatsapp group for events and activities in Kuwait, we can add up to 256 participants.

The best cure for homesickness is to check the news back home and remind myself why I left in the first place. Works wonders for me.

Ribosom :

The best cure for homesickness is to check the news back home and remind myself why I left in the first place. Works wonders for me.

Oh dear! Best tip i read so far in this site :)

Go BoAli good idea we can make home right here.

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