Dealing with homesickness in Kazakhstan

Hello everyone,

Being an expat in Kazakhstan can turn out to be a wonderful human, social or professional adventure... with potential moments of nostalgia and homesickness along the way.

What are your personal tips to prevent homesickness?

How do you deal with such feelings?

Are there shops or stores offering products from your home country in Kazakhstan? Or maybe venues with music and ambiance from your homeland?

Thanks for sharing your experience,


I've never suffered homesickness (although I don't deny that many suffer from it) perhaps because having been sent to boarding school from the age of 5 until 17, you learn to cope with separation and lack of the familiar very early on.

Having lived in a number of countries over the years (although mostly European/UK), it helps that they have had some similar cultural connections (work ethic, popular culture et cetera).

I guess if you have a connection in Kazakhstan either to others from your own country/culture, then that would perhaps help, although I suspect, exploring your "new" country is helpful too, jumping on and off the transport system with no real destination in mind, if in Almaty, the Онай (Onai) card covers all transport options, 400KZT for the card and top up at all the little electronic machines for mobile top-ups, speaking with people in shops or cafes you visit regularly so as you can develop a nodding acquaintance with them and so on ...

I've never discovered a shop selling items from Australia, although weirdly, I've seen some selling Australian berries (blue, black, straw and rasp), heaven knows what the locals think of them because the Australian ones are tasteless in comparison to the ones here (well, at least harvested from the dachas outside Ust-Kamenogorsk well away from the pollution).

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