Dealing with homesickness in Japan

Hello everyone,

Being an expat in Japan can turn out to be a wonderful human, social or professional adventure... with potential moments of nostalgia and homesickness along the way.

What are your personal tips to prevent homesickness?

How do you deal with such feelings?

Are there shops or stores offering products from your home country in Japan? Or maybe venues with music and ambiance from your homeland?

Thanks for sharing your experience,


Homesickness is often difficult to prevent or cure. I have suffered from homesickness, but I try to focus on the good points of living in Japan. For example safety, politeness, good service etc. Also Japan has four seasons and for me Spring is very beautiful. Also, being able to keep in contact with people back in England is helpful through the internet. I also watch, listen to SkyNews on the internet, keeping up with the latest news. Watch and dowload British TV programmes from a TV site.
But, I try to go home for a holiday, visit every couple of years and I am usually taken by the deep feelings of being back. Having said all that, homesickness never fully goes away I'm afraid.

I just go to サイゼリヤ (saezeriya) every time this happens and order some chocolate cake.

My homesickness is mainly for my family.  I Skype and Facetime with them monthly and this helps reduce my sad feelings.  I just returned from a trip to the States and I can say except for my family,  I do not miss it at all.  Japan is my home and like others have stated I look for all the positives.  As time goes by I feel less homesick.  The next step is for my loved ones to visit Japan, so I can show them why I love it her.

What I always do is just hang out with my foreigner friends and get drunk together.
Most of the time, you're feeling homesick when you're lonely, just talk about life with your friends and you'll get to know that everyone is feeling the same and eventually you'll feel better
You'll need to cope with the hangover though lol

well its the most difficult and at the same time most easy question to answer. In my case I often feel homesick since you can't easily find people from my country in japan beside that I recently graduated as a master of Information systems from Japanese school but I can't find job because I don't have connections in Japanese market :) . But I recover it soon. here is what I often do to recover:
1. Heavy sports   
2. Invite my International friends to my house and cook my country food
3. Go to International bars and make new friends
4. Focus on my goals
5.Focus on positive points of Japan ( security , respect and much more)
6. Attend on volunteer events
7. Watch my country TV on the internet and talk with my friends back home
8. and most importantly I always remind myself why I came to japan? ( to pursue my career)

I hope my methods could help you :)

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