Dealing with homesickness in France

Hello everyone,

Being an expat in France can turn out to be a wonderful human, social or professional adventure... with potential moments of nostalgia and homesickness along the way.

What are your personal tips to prevent homesickness?

How do you deal with such feelings?

Are there shops or stores offering products from your home country in France? Or maybe venues with music and ambiance from your homeland?

Thanks for sharing your experience,


Best is not to consider yourself from one country or another and rather just think of yourself as a citizen of the world and live wherever you can make most money as well as have the best weather or whatever is most important to you.   Being attached to one country or another only will hamper your ability to adapt or prosper to a new environment.

Hello Priscilla

I've been living in france for almost 15 years. I'm so used to living here I'm only homesick over the Christmas and easter season.

I've made lots of friends because I'm a social and outgoing person. I normally organise  south African come togethers once, twice or more per year so that I  can spend time with SA people, make new friends and eat south African food. I do have a few south African friends living quite near me so we actually see each other regularly.  Our next party will be on the 1-2 Oct.

I'm a member of a dance association. I love dancing and my life changed eversince I've been doing it. I've met awesome people and choreographers from all over the world.

In this day and age you don't have to feel homesick anymore.  It's up to you because we have south Africans all over France. We have Facebook to make new friends ect.***
Bonne journée

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I am not in France yet, but I have lived 7 years abroad, and what I usually do is the following:
- I listen to the music that makes me happy. Not necessarily from my country. Just music that makes my soul feel good.
- I make friends, try to learn about the other,s experiences and from the new country I am in.
- I keep myself busy doing useful things
-I do sport
- I try to listen to the thoughts that make me homesick. If it is food, well, I cook something nice, if it is people, I try to keep in touch by internet with them to know how are they doing, if it is thinking that life was easier in my country I try to remember what made me leave looking for a better life.

After this time, I can say that I rarely feel homesick, and when I do is because of problems that anyway, could happen too in my own hometown.


well, I am trying to be all the time occupied with something
preparing professional letters
tidy my appartment
then go for a walk, to the gym, jogging, making small excursions
participate in events ans expositions
but late at night in the bed alone
yes there is always some complain

Hello Everyone!
I have been a global citizen for the past 10 years.  Moving to a new country is not for everyone.  But whether or not it is for you, all moves and life changes come with a transition period. 

So the first thing I would say is to be kind to yourself.  Often times, people can be there own worst critics which doesn't help make a seemingly bad situation better.  It only brings more sadness.  Don't beat yourself up over your feelings.  Just acknowledge them and move forward.

The second thing I would suggest is to find things that you enjoy doing.  Thanks to the internet and wonderful groups like, Meetup, Inter Nations, etc., it is easier than ever to find people and events that support your interests. 

The third suggestion is to find your tribe.  People by nature are (if you will) pack animals.  We need connection.  So find people that you can spend time with that you enjoy and have common interests.  You will usually find these when you partake in the fun activities that you enjoy (see number 2). 

The last tip is to stay present.  Once our minds wander off to the past or future, we get lost in thoughts about things that we, usually, can in no way control or change.  Being present and enjoying each moment will keep you out of your head and in a heart space.  If you stay present, you are less likely to be homesick. And as a side bonus, it helps you through other issues as well.  So when you find your mind wandering to toward sadness, hopelessness, or despair, come back to the present moment and really embrace and acknowledge the wonderful opportunity and surroundings that you have in your new home/country. 

If you'd like more insight or support on your journey, feel free to contact me.

Hi Priscilla,

I seldom experience homesickness. Perhaps its because I read the newspapers from the States, or its because of my experience living and working in the States as I wrote in my novel, DEAD MEN WORKING.

Take care,

Allan Tyson

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