Dealing with homesickness in China

Hello everyone,

Being an expat in China can turn out to be a wonderful human, social or professional adventure... with potential moments of nostalgia and homesickness along the way.

What are your personal tips to prevent homesickness?

How do you deal with such feelings?

Are there shops or stores offering products from your home country in China? Or maybe venues with music and ambiance from your homeland?

Thanks for sharing your experience,


Personal brain-washing!
Where you are is 'home' - don't matter where in the world you are.
Worked for me working in 8 countries over 25 years.
"This is my home" - doesn't matter where your roots are - 'home' is home.

One idea would be to meet people from your home country and your city.  In this way you would have a support group to help you out of the doldrums whenever you felt "down."
The other is to keep in touch with family and friends you left behind.  If in China, WeChat is a fabulous device to send messages, photos, have phone calls and share videos.
Perhaps attending Embassy or Consulate events if you live in cities where your home country has representation.
Join networking groups.  You'll discover that although many people are outgoing, a number will share the phenomenon of "homesickeness."  This could be an ice breaker and lead to friendships.
Finally, read your country's/city's newspapers online to keep abreast of what's transpiring back home during your absence.

I am from Israel, I go to my Jewish Community once a month,
there is a supermarket for Kosher food and other treats from home land.
I meet my congregation over there.
I keep daily contact with  my family and friends by Whatsapp, Skype,FB and emails.
I love it  here. I wish to stay here for the rest of my life.

i can reply you in very simple language...

Please find some good friend whom you can share time and you feels like family .. i know for some people its almost hard or some people always says O there is not many good people out there....

if we good to others, i believe others will be good to us.. so cheers you time with good people..

homesickness is a joke.. if you can,t accpet new life please go back to your home

I made a lot of new Chinese friends ,real friends who are dear to me.
and I care about them like family.
Most of my friends here are Chinese. They make me very happy.

Shalom Beckit,

You raised a good point about making friends with Chinese.  They too, may have left their homes to relocate to larger cities in China and may share the same feelings of homesickeness.  My Chinese friends are always supportive of me and we have shared many events aand feelings during my 20 years on the mainland.


I keep myself busy . read books ,I try to explore the city I love to see local people local small shops
I am in beijing right now and one has many option, I read books watch movie :)
when I miss my country more I watch my country movie
All the time I live in China I hardly speak my language :)

WeChat. This app is fantastic-not only for life in China but I also use it to stay connected with friends and family back in the States. The voice or video calls are free and the quality is amazing. I also use it to share music and photos and videos and it has basically replaced email as my main means of communication.

Also, as China continues to become more westernized it is easy to go to Starbucks, grab a sandwich at Subway or a burger at BurgerKing. And a trip to an international supermarket is also becoming increasingly easier as Chinese tastes are beginning to embrace western food.

Last but not least get yourself a VPN. YouTube access alone is worth the price.

It's a dead end activity like driving into a cul du sac. You have to remember this is the life you chose so get on with it.

Relax.  Not everyone is a resilient as you.

For me, food is a very good connection to my homeland. I started my expat life with age of 12. I still remember the feeling when I may drink a liter of german beer in other corners of world, no matter where I am, I feel warm....

U mean you drink Beck's Beer? :-) like my name? :-)

Hahaha, not only beck's. Well, the german Beer which people find in Import Food Market here is not the most popular one with us. So usually I went to german fusion restaurant to have one portion (1liter) homemade beer.

I see, I like Frankfurter and Schnitzl :-)

I was told you can experience a culture shock after a number of weeks here where you feel down or maybe  homesick. Then it  happened to me , couldnt like the place if i tryed but it passed so maybe you are feeling the same adapting stage. It passes so keep using wechat in the mean time.

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