Dealing with homesickness in Brazil

Hello everyone,

Being an expat in Brazil can turn out to be a wonderful human, social or professional adventure... with potential moments of nostalgia and homesickness along the way.

What are your personal tips to prevent homesickness?

How do you deal with such feelings?

Are there shops or stores offering products from your home country in Brazil? Or maybe venues with music and ambiance from your homeland?

Thanks for sharing your experience,


Homesickness comes in various sizes and sometimes are worse at some times than others.  I have lived in Brazil for fourteen years.  I have many good friends there.  When I go out to various places to the restaurants, stores, church, etc., people call out my name.  Brazilians are for the "MOST" part, very friendly and helpful, especially wen you get to know their name and their family.  (This friendliness does not apply when they drive on the roads, then they become something completely different!!!!  "Some of the Brazilian drive to die.")   I suggest you meet friends that you can trust and make you happy to get over homesickness to the best you can.   Whenever I go back to thee USA, that is when I get my worse home sickness.  I miss my family, friends, food, culture, etc.   Best wishes, John

For me to kill the homesickness to have a nice and beautiful girl friend.

That works all the time.

I don't think I have or ever had homesickness at least not yet but I miss home the most when I can't find products for my hair texture  :)

When I first visited in 2001  I stayed for almost 3 months after while you do miss the little things e TV radio music certain foods but now we are settled in with the house ifurnished and now  have cable Internet access  my home station   It makes things a lot more comfortable I think so I have my little piece of home at home and when I go out and interact with the people I meet and I'll also acquiesce to Brazil  customs so for me it's taken a while to work thing outbut now I'm in a good price and next year we're moving back for good so I'm looking forward to settling down and enjoying  our selves so my advice is sit down and make a list of things you need to do to make yourself comfortable .

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