A Business idea to run in Budapest ?!

Hello guys,
I'm preparing for travelling to Budapest, and i want to know more about the needed businesses, and a good successful business idea to run in budapest .

Thank you for helping :D .

Dang dude, If I knew of a magic way to make extra money, I would try it myself.
HU is not an easy place to do business, look at other posts about this subject. Better minds then mine have given some good advice already.

Short answer: Shotgun business ideas are a thing of the past in Hungary. If you want to start a business here, do so in a topic you know and have expertise in.

so advice to establish a business in budapest??
because now i have some fears .

Be afraid, be very afraid!  :unsure

atomheart :

Be afraid, be very afraid!  :unsure

Agree. But I would use the emoji: :o

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