Iceland- Is still active?

Hi all,

I'm looking to do some farming work in Iceland and heard are the people to contact.

I have not had a reply to my inquiry so was wondering if the site and company are still active? I've done some farming and am a forester by trade and have lived in remote places before, so expected a reply.

I fell in love with Iceland when I visited last winter and would love to work there a year or longer on a remote farm! :)



how long have you been waiting for a reply? I'm in an expat group for people living in Iceland and I did a search for ninukot and didn't find anything mentioned recently. That doesn't mean it's totally inactive though, just perhaps the farms aren't really looking for people as actively this time of year? I'm pretty sure they're far less busy in the winter.

Only a whole working week to be honest. I'm just very keen after hearing about it from a friend.

Hi, Tom, I worked with Ninukot in 2014 when I got my first job in Iceland. They're an excellent agency and very supportive, they will guide you through all steps needed to register your address in Iceland, sign a legal contract with your employer and so on.

I also tried contacting them in September but no reply to any of my e-mails. I thought it was weird since I know they're very professional and even if they don't have anything available for you, they will get in touch t let you know where you stand.

I guess there's big possibility they're not in business anymore?

Thanks for the reply, LuluLemon. Yeah still no reply yet but I'm guessing theyre out of business or dead quiet in the winter. Do you have any other contacts out there? I'd love to get in touch with someone.

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