How to change from a work visa to a family visa.

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I am working as a general administrator in one of the jewelry manufacturing company in Bahrain. My wife is working with a hospital in Bahrain. She is a NHRA licensed medical practitioner. She started working one year ago and holding their work permit. She is under a contract period of 2 years which will duly expire after few months. She don't need to work any more and she had already put the notice period of 3 months. Is it possible to change her visa to a dependent family visa??? Like a transfer??? If possible what is the procedure??

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This is something new to me and to the forum i believe, i am sure if anyone has been through the process they would reply back, but the best thing to do done i believe is contacting LMRA for a quick  and accurate response

You can call them @ Contact Centre    +973 1 750 6055 or visit them.

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Thanks for your quick reply.  I will do it...

No problem, hopefully its a easy process and please do let us know about it once everything is done, so that it can be useful for others as well.

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Definitely. I will share once it is done..

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