I'm from Malaysia, I would like to get the contact details of Marigold Global Markets Corporation.

As the website information may not be reliable it would be much helpful if I can get the name card from the office directly.

Appreciate if someone can help me to obtain the name card if possible.

My purpose is to have the actual address and contact details. 

Thank you.


The information appears to be really easy to find, as does other information suggesting care be taken in any dealings with them. … nge-hkcex/

Much as there is no direct evidence of something naughty going on, a lot of financial advisers and the central bank of Singapore have issued warnings that seem to be related to this company under its many names.

That's not to say there's anything bad happening; maybe a lot of financial experts and a central bank are all wrong, or perhaps there is more than one company of the same name.

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