Experienced British teacher moving to Sihoukville

After some 15 years teaching in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, I am making a move to live in Sihoukville, and will be available for private tutoring, as well as full-time teaching employment.

I am a qualified teacher, (Master's degree, teaching certificates, TEFL etc), with experience teaching all age groups from 5 years old and up.  I also teach Maths and Science at primary and middle school level, IELTS and TOEFL exam preparation and English for Hospitality and Tourism (Edexcel curriculum).

If there is demand for it, I will open a language/tutoring school in Sihoukville.  But I first need to investigate 'on the ground'.

I'm in Bangkok and intend to be in Sihoukville in a few days.  Please do contact me if you have children who need tutoring, or if you're an adult who needs help to improve your English.

By the way, my Thai language abilty is very good, including reading and writing.  So I can also teach Thai language, or teach English to Thai students.


Nearly a year later I ask if you followed your plan to come to Sihanoukville.

I have two kids (8 and 9) that need tutoring.

Please let me know if you are in Sihanoukville or not.


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