music licence for public beach area

What licence if any to play music on the beach for a children activity group

Music license for public beach are needed only if you have a big sound system and you are doing like a live concert. If its only for a small activity, to my knowledge, you can.
I will check about it to be on the safe side.

Hi. Much appreciated. It will be for a large group of children at least 100 for a specialized educational concept. If needed where would one apply ?

Beach Authority 2115221. They will give you all details about procedures. Its situated at the Government House in Port-Louis. Not far from the entrance to Caudan Waterfront. If you come from the north, at the round about to the entrance, instead of turning right to go to Caudan, you turn left to go to Bell Village. About 50 mts to your left is the Government House.

Thinking about it, pretty sure you will have to ask for permission as you will be doing this several times. But, once you have gone through the formalities, everything will go smooth. You will probably have to say when and where you will be doing it and the accomodations you will be having.

By the way, very good initiative to work with the kids. Keep it up.

Good luck.

Thank you.

You also perhaps need to check if playing recorded music that no infringement on artists rights are fouled as some artists have their work protected against un-authorised public performance. I think there is a protection system under Mauritius Rights Management Society that you may have to pay some duty.  Not sure but best ask the beach authority in the first place etc.

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