How do you prepare your "expatriation"?

Hello There,

I'm starting to think about moving again to another country, looking for a new adventure.
I just wanted people to share their experiences on how they manage their future move once they decided to leave.
What are the steps in your process?
Do you look for a job in advance? or do you go straight to the country you choose?
It is just a general question to understand how different people can do things differently.

In general, it's usually recommended to have a plan; meaning searching for a job, accommodation, and acquainting oneself with cost of living info and answering other concerns, BEFORE actually departing for the foreign country.  The phrase, "look before you leap" comes to mind ;)  Sometimes, this isn't always practical or possible....but it's something to consider in order to avoid unpleasant surprises or disappointments.

Where are you contemplating to expatriate to?

Romaniac Experts Team

Hello Romaniac,

Thanks for your feedback, I agree with you and that what I will do.
But I also feel like from my experience and others, the job search part is not always easy from distance.
Sometimes it's better to be in the country with your saving and milestone of how long can I live without a salary and then look for your job.
I'm thinking about Doha. :)


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