Study Abroad in seoul , South Korea

Hello Every One !
My name is Linda from ALgeria , i study veterinary medecine and i want to moving in to seoul , i heard that's it,s very expensive to live there but it's okay my family will help me just for 1 year then i want to gain my own money , i want to apply in a university there but i have no one who can guide me please if there's someone ready to help me and guide me from how applying until getting there i'll be so grateful

R.S.V.P  :)

Hi Linda Br,

Welcome on board  :)

You will find some useful information in the Studying in South Korea article.

You may also go through this list of colleges and universities : … s_in_Seoul

Browse their websites and see if they propose any course in your field. You will normally find an "international student" section on their website with all the information.

If you understand french, you may also go through the visa requirements in the foreign studies section here : … /index.jsp

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Thank you very much Bhavna ! I really appreciate you help  :heart:

can you update some some problem you may experience in south korea. why are you interested to move to south korea. i am interested to know too :)

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