Notirization of passport documents

Hi there,
my son lives in HCM with his wife and daughter.  They are trying to apply for an irish passport for their daughter and need the application documents witnessed.  They are finding it very difficult to find anyone to do this or willing to do this.  Does anyone know of anywhere they can get this done in HCM?
Thanks in advance, Ramona

U can come here … i-gon.html

If his wife is VN she should know where to go, or ask at their local people's committee where the local notary office is.

They may be having trouble because the documents are entirely in English and local notaries may be reluctant for that reason.  It seems that Ireland has an embassy in Hanoi but no HCMC consulate.  You might contact them and ask if they have another country handling citizen affairs in HCMC and if so, you perhaps could use that country's consulate for notarization.  The Irish Embassy in Hanoi is 84 4 3974 3295 and irishembassyhanoi[at]

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