American/Moroccan looking to move to Bali to start a business

Hi, I am looking to start a business in Bali or do a partnership and I was wondering how that works... I have begin saving money and I expect to have at least 10k by the summer... I need advice, help and how I can find a job there too.

Hi! I just saw your post. I'm from the Netherlands and I also want to move to Bali to start my own business. I was wondering if you already found some information? Or made already some progress. Would be nice to discuss!

I hate to be one to spoil dreams, but hopefully you appreciate realistic advice.

Starting a new business is very expensive, and 10 thousand isn't even a realistic start. 

As for jobs, the news isn't any better.  It is very hard to become legally employed in Indonesia.  You will need a skill which is not easily found within the pool of available locals looking for employment.  Jobs here are for Indonesians first.

Again, sorry for this news, but I don't want to mislead you and give you false hope.

hi what can of business u loking 4
im excutive chef

hi not very easy to open hear

Hello, Im from Turkey, my backround is financial managament, Im looking for kind job, it will be about anythings, I can handle it,  if you interest with my post pls reply me.
Thank you

Ubudian :

Starting a new business is very expensive, and 10 thousand isn't even a realistic start.

I can only confirm that you will have to really think hard about what to do with your
hard earned money. Most of the things you might be considering are being done already on Bali,
so you need a unique/innovative idea to have any chance with bigger competitors.

10k is not realistic to start a business here if you are planning on doing it alone and on your name.
Check out the livinginindonesia forum, there is a huge pile of info for you.
I cannot imagine that you have read through that site yet.
Or you

Also consider that life on Bali is not as cheap as one might think,
once you have moved here you might find that you have to spend a bigger percentage
of your budget on living, housing, food and transportation. At least until you have found your
ways around here. It helps to have a local good friend or expat who can show you how
around to avoid unnecessary spending of your business budget.  ;)

Please be careful and don't rush the thing. It is best to work with people you really can trust,
and to find these people requires time.

What kind of business are you considering?
That would help so you can get better advise here.


anyway all the best wishes

why do you comment such negative stuff on everyone's post regarding the move to Bali and their business ventures?

how about you provide some actual advice or just keep scrolling because for every failed business, there are many successful ones and unless you have advice to share from your successful business venture, I'd suggest you have no relevant input in these topics and need to find something better to do with your time.

deanna_c :

why do you comment such negative stuff on everyone's post regarding the move to Bali and their business ventures?.

To open a PT PMA company is going to cost US$750,000.
You'll get the full details by looking up UU 25/2007.

You also need to know about the negative investments list … tments.pdf

A whole pile of people want to move to Bali and open a surf shack or hairdressers but these are impossible dreams and that means disappointed and/or upset people.
That little lot means it's pretty much impossible for normal people to open a  business so you can expect a lot of negative comments and opinions.

Glad to be back to this forum. All comments does carry weight.
However why ask the same sort of questions over & over.
Those inquiring minds should at least have made references to past posts.
Or visit the relevant Government websites for information.

Yes to save clutter of this forum, members do respond directly to queries.
ie. Is $10k enuf to start a business....... No u need at least $750k.
In Bali to set up a business with license is now more expensive.
Especially with a PT company (FYI am familiar with Akta and Notaris).

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