Other options besides international schools in China???

My family is moving to Chongqing for one year in August 2017 and we were just informed by our company that they will not be paying for private school tuition. We have three school age children (9, 7, and 5) and don't know what to do. We cannot afford the astronomical tuition fees at the international schools, but I am worried about sending my kids to public school (if that is even possible) with very beginner Chinese language skills. Any thoughts???

Have you considered private tutors or homeschooling?

"local" school's are for residents only

petersliu :

"local" school's are for residents only

As far as I know this is not totally correct. If you have a work permit and a residence permit you do have access to the local schools.

I also heard that some countries offer support with paying for tuition for their citizens living abroad. In any case I would consult with your countries embassy, if the don't help you to pay, at least the will offer some advice.

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