International Shipping from the USA Survey

Hello Everyone,

I work for,, a major package consolidator and freight forwarder in the USA. I am looking for feedback from the community on similar services since the Middle East is one of our biggest regions. I would appreciate feedback on the following topics:

-Have you used service like this before to buy products from the US?
-If so, which ones?
-How did you find out about these services?
-What kinds of products did you buy from the US?
-What was the main reason for buying those products from the US vs where you live?
-Between shipping costs, reliable service, and speed, what would be the main reason for choosing a package consolidation and shipping service?

-MyUS partners with all of the major credit card networks to market its services to cardmembers. Have you seen any advertisements about the services through your local bank?

Thank you in advance!


Hi Jose and welcome to :)

It seems that you are doing a survey for the company you are working for.
I invite you to post your questions in the Looking for testimonies in Saudi Arabia section, it is more appropriate.

I also invite you to register your company in the business directory, it is free.
Lets keep the forum for the topics related to expatriation please.


Priscilla  :cheers:

thank you for the feedback. I am new to this forum, so still not sure how to best use it. I will take a look at your instructions. I might have some questions later.

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