Relocating in Krakow poland


I need the support of the people living in Krakow, as I am planning to relocate.

1- I had an offer of around 8900PLN net salary.
And I have almost 6 years of experience is that good.
2- I need to relocate with my family (wife , 1 year old child, mother (55 years) , asking about my mother is it applicable to be relocated and have a visa also.

3-I am covered by a medical insurance, but the rest of the family isn't. How much it cost for all of us.

4-I am an expert in the field of Data networking is it easy to find another job with higher salary.

5-is it easy to change my job before finishing the contract time.

6- does the Poland citizen has any Religious sectarian regarding Muslims.


Hello sherif

I have the same inquiries as well. I don't know much to ask. So if you have any updates. May you share please?


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