looking for friends to hang out sometimes in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Hi, My name Ahmaad
I'm 36 yrs old , I am mix Arab with Romanian ,
I speak , Arabic , English and Romanian .
Little Russian :)

It has been nearly 3 years in Dubai, but I barely have friends here. working hard is good for career but at time I would like to chill out with some friends who is not related to my work ;p

so far, It has been so difficult to meet genuine people in dubai or Abu Dhabi

I am working as an IT group leader .

I am looking for real friends who can be in touch with me and feel like one family
I like traveling so much , but due to my career I have no luck to travel any time .

I have been in Russia , Ukraine , Germany , Spain , Bulgaria Turky of course Romania ,

I would like to visit China , Vietnam , Thailand , Philippine :)

Have a good day all


ahmad_ana :

I would like to visit China , Vietnam , Thailand , Philippine :)

I would strongly recommend trying holidays in Malaysia and Indonesia as well.
Both countries offer contrasts to your list, and have potential for very interesting holidays.

China and Vietnam are on my bucket list, if I get the chance.

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