What Can an English MA graduate do in UAE ?!

Hey dear fellows , hope everyone is doing well!

I'm a new member on this site, and I'm  beyond glad to finally find a "professional " place where I can meet people , and discuss their stories about life in UAE.
I'm a future MA graduate. I do masters in English Advance Studies, and think that  moving to UAE would increase my  chances in finding my dream job, which is news anchor! For such reason I would love it if you guys  help me with your experience and  tell me what's  the best to get a  job in Dubai or Abu Dhabi in one of the following sectors : tourism, journalism, education! !
Thanks again and happy Eid  for those who are celebrating ☺


Tourism and Education here is pretty good, but will also depend on the company you working for. With your career course i did say Education sector will be great, you could start by applying for the international schools already based here in Dubai, they are a lot...and am sure you did land a good paying teaching job. However know experience counts a lot try also to add a little teaching experience on your resume.

What about your legal translation skills?

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